Getting started / Next steps

The following information will help you make a good start. If you have any further questions or issues, our Support team is happy to help you.

Registration & Verification

Once you have registered, an email containing the access data for your Master Account (Master ID) will automatically be sent to the email address you entered. This email contains an activation link. It is essential to click this link to confirm your registration! This step finalizes your registration as a Master.

(The email is sent immediately, however, depending on the settings of your server, it may take a while for the mail to be delivered, but no longer than an hour. Please remember to check your spam folder. If unsuccessful, contact Support.)


The master ID sent by email and the personal password from registration are required for login.

Important: There is a difference between the Master login and the Show login

  • Master login (green color)
    When you log in as a Master, you can create and manage shows, edit master data, grant access rights and take part in the partner programme.
    This area has been optimised for agency users, but individual performers will find their way around easily, too.
  • Show login (blue color)
    In order to go online with a show, you have to create it first, using your Master account. You can then log on to the show using the login data entered in the Master account. When logged on with Show access, you can edit show information (description, profile, preview images, galleries, videos etc.). Age verification is also carried out when logged on with Show access.

How do I create a show?

Login with your Master login data. Select the "Shows" menu item, then click "Create new show". The next steps should be self explanatory.


Please make sure you enter a clear and appealing description of your show in R-rated terms, which should definitely cover more than four or five words. We expect the descriptive elements, such as hair colour, motto etc., to be an exact match with the actual live images, the performance and the uploaded images.

EVERY TIME you create a new show, you will receive the login information for it by email!

With us, you can create as many shows as you like! Which gives you the freedom to create as many personas, themes, features, events, couples etc. as you can think of. However, this should be discussed with Support.

(Amateurs may only perform one live show at a time).

Activate your show

Once you have created a show, it is manually checked by our Support team. In order to avoid questions, which may lead to delays, you should make sure all the settings have been made correctly for your show. This includes uploading all the required images and videos in acceptable quality. If everything is complete and correct, your show will be activated - and your live performance can begin!

Our Support is available for you if you need any advice!


You can adjust the settings individually for each show - such as the commission, restrictions, and many more. This feature is particularly useful for agencies!
When you are logged on with your Master ID, click on the "Shows" button and select the tool symbol for each show (Master settings).

We wish you the best of success and great earnings!